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Capital Campaign

Imagine for a moment this very special place -- a destination for our Jewish community in North County -- a place of lifelong learning; a place to share recreational activities; a place for spiritual inspiration and renewal; a place to socialize with your friends and neighbors; and a place where we are linked to one another through shared joys and sorrows. This place gives our lives meaning and is a source of strength and security in a world where the Jewish people face increasing adversity.

Challenges and Opportunities
Today, we find ourselves at a critical juncture. Our temporary facilities have clearly reached the end of their useful life, and with the recent growth of our educational programs, our physical limitations are all too apparent. To strengthen the quality of Jewish life and secure the sanctity of Congregation Beth Am, we must invest in our future.
Our Preschool and Nursery, serving infants to five year olds, is the entry point for many in our community and has continued to thrive, despite its facilities, due to our dedicated staff, excellent early childhood programs, and outstanding reputation. Imagine our youngest congregants learning in dedicated classrooms creatively designed for their needs with current technology. They play on safe, protected playgrounds. A preschool kitchen allows for the exploration of all of Judaism’s gastronomic delights and a special resource room provides enrichment of an already outstanding curriculum.

Beth Am Preschool Playground

Jewish Learning Center
Our growing Hebrew School (K-6th Grades) enriches students’ knowledge while strengthening their connection to each other and the Jewish people. Our school is bursting at the seams and lacks appropriate space. Imagine an elite school that educates our children in the basics of Jewish life. They appear in the afternoon, after a long day at school, to a place that pulses with energy and ruach. They learn in classrooms designed to fit their growing bodies and filled with technology to engage their thirsting minds. They will be connected to the world through dynamic technologies allowing them to experience cutting edge learning in ways that speak to the modern student. There are computer labs, a library/media center, access to global news, and an outdoor recreational area. 
Hebrew High/Sabra
Our nationally recognized Sabra/Hebrew High (7-12th Grades) is a model of excellence that instills Jewish pride in students during their formative teenage years. Over 100 Beth Am teenagers are involved, representing 80% of those who have completed B’nai Mitzvah. They make Jewish choices, study science and technology, and make Jewish friends. Together they build relationships and create memories that will endure for a lifetime.  
Youth Programs
Imagine our teens showing up to engage each other in their own Youth Lounge, with activities tailored to four (4) age groups. While they could be just about anywhere, they choose come here to share formative life experiences with each other in ways, both Jewish and secular, that are most meaningful to them. Together they explore Jewish values, begin to experience and embrace leadership, and acquire the tools they will need to take their places as the next generation of leaders on their college campuses and beyond.
Adult Learning and Recreation
We are committed to lifelong Jewish learning and share a deep passion for the State of Israel. But the absence of appropriate space has largely prohibited the delivery of adult learning programs. Imagine a new space dedicated to an adult community thirsting for a place to learn in North County. Envision a multi-purpose room for social gatherings where we learn from distinguished speakers who will inspire and inform. With current technology, we can stream video content from anywhere in the world. It will be a place where we talk, share, and connect to the internet or have a cup of coffee at Café Beth Am. Movies, music, cultural programs, yoga classes and social events will not only connect us to each other, but will also help us realize that we do not have to draw a line between our spiritual and secular lives.  
Spiritual Life
Each week at Beth Am, hundreds of people of all ages come together to lift their spirits in song and express their spirituality in ways that speak to them. But there is a lack of usable indoor and outdoor space to provide a spiritual milieu for children, adults and families. Imagine that there will be space for Tefilah alternatives that inspire us to express our spirituality. There will be an amphitheater for our Campfire Shabbat, learners’ services that happen simultaneously to the main service, junior congregation services led and planned by teens, and a growing Beit Midrash Minyan community.  These spaces will serve to express the diversity already present within our Congregation, provide more intimate indoor and outdoor venues for life cycle events, and draw in others to the many options we have to offer.

Beit Midrash Courtyard

Our Responsibility
There are moments in every congregation’s history that are transformative, and today we find ourselves at one of those moments. Never has the Synagogue been stronger, never have the challenges been greater, and never have the opportunities been more exciting.

Beth Am Aerial View

From time immemorial, we have made a connection between what we build and for whom we build it. The builders build for the next generation, and that generation becomes the builders for those to come. This vital process began nearly two decades ago when our leaders had the incredible foresight to acquire our property and built our beautiful Lizerbram Family Sanctuary and Hassman Family Social Hall. Many can look back with pride on all we have accomplished, yet ours is a work in progress, and our obligation to current and future generations remains unfulfilled.

The time has come for us to finish the task we have set for ourselves and Build the Dream of Congregation Beth Am as a Center for Jewish Life and Learning. Together we can make a profound difference. We have an opportunity to make that connection between us, as builders, and the generations to come, to give them a place to learn, to love and to live Judaism. Then we will feel the abundant peace of knowing that our future is secure and our traditions will endure.

I did not find the world desolate when I entered it . . . and as my father planted for me before I was born, so I must plant for those who will come after me.

Talmud, Ta’anit 23a

Thu, October 17 2019 18 Tishrei 5780