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Welcome to the Beth Am Shuk

We are very excited to introduce our community to The Beth Am Shuk. Our Shuk , also known as a marketplace, will provide our members a place to showcase their products for others to purchase.

Currently our Shuk is virtual, with pick-up on Fridays, but hopefully when it is safe for us to congregate as a group outdoors, we will be able to create an outdoor Shuk on Fridays in the Lipinsky Garden for members to mingle, browse, shop and feel like you are back in Israel.

Please note: All food vendors are not supervised for Kashrut purposes, unless otherwise noted

Currently all orders must be placed on Wednesday, April 14th by 6:00 pm for a Friday pick-up between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm.  

Do you have a business and would like to be a part of the Beth Am Shuk? Do you know of anyone who might be interested in becoming a vendor or has a local business you would like to see at our Shuk? We are looking for vendors. Please click on the form button below and fill out the form. Gilad Hoffman, our Executive Director will be in touch with you shortly. 

Click here to fill out the vendor form application



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Tea & Wellness
Adam Meyer | | 858.255.1836
Use promo code: "Beth Am" at checkout to have your items available for pick up on Friday at Beth Am.

Visit House of Meringues on Facebook The mission of The Retreat: Tea & Wellness is to provide clean, organic, sustainable tea and natural wellness services to as many people as possible. To use only eco-friendly shipping and packaging materials, and to do no harm to the planet or its inhabitants. To empower people through trainings in Tea Ceremony, Energy Medicine, and Meditative Practices. 


House of Meringues Follow us on Facebook Follow up on Instagram

Delectable Hand-made Treats
Andi Dorfan ||310.614.3758

Visit House of Meringues on Facebook Try our delicious treats made by-hand from scratch to turn any occasion into a delicious celebration! Fun, unique, trendy, creative and brimming with flavors. From our marshmallowy meringues to our cocoa bombs, smash cakes, cakesicles, and bespoke chocolate boxes, our attention to detail will be apparent. Perfect for any occasion, whether you are planning some special treats for a zoom birthday party, or want a special treat for your Shabbat or Yom Tov dinner. Try us, it’ll be love at first bite!


Love Zen Floral Follow us on Facebook Follow up on Instagram

Floral Arrangements for every day or events!
Inna Judelson | | 949.279.0542

Visit Love Zen Floral on Facebook Love Zen Floral will deliver fresh flowers to you weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.  We pick out the freshest stems each week and deliver each Friday!  You can always put in a custom order, but the fun is in getting a weekly surprise.  Orders must be emailed in or texted in by Wednesday 8:00pm.  There are different sizes to choose from and styles of course.  Just email me and we can talk about what you would love for your home.  Flowers also make the best gifts!!  We also make custom orchid and succulent arrangements which last months if not longer!!  From special occasions to "Just Because" Love Zen Floral is here for you!!! 


Park Place Payments Follow us on Facebook Follow us on Instagram

Credit Card Processing Solutions
Lisa Perlmutter || 858.442.1666

Click here to visit Park Place Processors website Helping your business thrive by reducing the cost of your payments.  Park Place provides exceptional pricing clarity and transparency, next-gen technology sold without markup and extraordinary customer service that saves its clients time and money.  Our founder is a fellow Member of the Tribe.  Please message me for your FREE, quick & no obligation Payment Checkup.  We'll compare price, service and technology so you can decide if it makes sense to switch.  ***We will donate to the Rabbi's Discretionary Fund for every completed Payment Checkup via the CBA Shuk!***


Click to visit Oren's Fine Foods

Oren's Fine Foods  Follow us on Facebook Follow up on Instagram

Caterering | Bakery
 Oren Koreh | |619.402.9405
Supervised by Rabbi Kornberg for Kashrut purposes.

Click here to visit the website of Oren's Fine Foods Oren's Fine Foods offer delicious healthy, well balanced to-go menu as well as an array of freshly baked goods. Each week our staff work on creating a delectable menu for you and your family to enjoy, so whether it is a meal for one or more, we will make sure that your taste buds will be wanting more. Order your meal and baked goods early to enjoy Shabbat because we know that spending quality time with your families is an important way to maintain a sense of normalcy. 


Click here to visit our website

Reneisense Wellness
Health & Beauty, Naturally
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Health & Wellness products
 Nancy Neigus | |858.354.4840

Click here to visit our website Reneisense Wellness offers a variety of USA-manufactured products that support healthy people and healthy environments. Our personal and household goods can detoxify your home, strengthen your well-being, improve your concentration, boost your workouts, rejuvenate your skin, and simplify your weight loss! Visit our site for supplements, beverages, skin care, and air and water filters, among many others. Every product is designed for safety, convenience, and multi-purpose effectiveness. All products meet US and international standards for purity, safety, and potency.


Click here to visit our website

Spice + Leaf Follow us on Facebook Follow up on Instagram Click here to visit our Amazon store Click here to visit our YouTube page

Gourmet Spices, Tea & Specialty Items
Debbie Kornberg | | 858.967.1364
Use promo code: "CBAShuk" at checkout to have your items available for pick up on Friday at Beth Am.


Click here to visit the website of Spice + Leaf We are all about adding flavour to food without all of the hassle! SPICE + LEAF seeks out the best spices and herbs from around the world and uses them in our blends to give you maximum flavour in your cooking! We have an array of spice blends that are quick and easy to use so you can get dinner on the table within 30 minutes. SPICE + LEAF was created because we know how important it is to put clean, healthy food into your bodies. Visit our website, not only do we have spices, but we offer classes and recipes that will tantalize your taste buds.

Click here to visit our website

Thriving With Oils Follow us on Facebook 

Essential oils and education
Angela Lapin & Rachel Selk | | 619.606.1933

Click here to visit our website We teach people how to use essential oils to support a healthy body, resilient mind, and non-toxic home. We work only with dōTERRA essential oils because we’ve done the research and we know we can trust them to be pure, safe, effective, and sustainably sourced. Are you wanting to improve your health? Are you wanting to reduce the side effects and potential harm coming from your household cleaners, personal care products, and even OTC pharmaceuticals? We can help! Visit our website to order an introductory kit, request a free sample, or to set up a time to talk. We want you to feel better and live a healthier, more vibrant life!


Click here for more information

Gift Card Mall 

Ongoing Fundraiser for Beth Am's JLC & Sabra Programs
Rabbi Matthew Earne | | 858.481.8454

Click here to visit "Thriving With Oils" website We will be selling e-gift cards year-round to benefit Beth Am's JLC and Sabra programs. Maybe you need some new clothes, household items, food or a gift. Check out our gift card options before you shop! Once you purchase an e-gift card, it gets sent to your own email address and you can shop right away, knowing that you are supporting our programs at the same time. You can purchase e-gift cards throughout the year from our Gift Card Mall, and a percentage of the card value goes directly towards funding JLC & Sabra programs and supplies, at no cost to you! 

Mon, August 15 2022 18 Av 5782