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A combination of meaningful core classes and engaging elective workshops to inspire, grow and strengthen one’s Jewish identity.


7th Grade:
Shorashim: Building our Foundation (Holocaust/Israel)

Field Trip:Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles

8th Grade:
Manhigoot: Empowering from Within (Leadership/Madrikhim Training - Philanthropy/Tzedkah)

Field Trip: Mitzvah & Fun Excursion around San Diego

9th Grade:
Beenah: Understanding the Other (Comparative Religions/Pop Culture)

Field Trip: Mitzvah anf Fun Excursion around San Diego

10th Grade:
Etgar: Understanding Your Story & Sharing It (Confirmation Program)

Field Trip: Confirmation Overnight in Los Angeles

11th Grade:
Taglit: Israel, AIPAC Ambassador Program (Israel Advocacy)

Field Trip: Washington DC for AIPAC Policy Conference 

12th Grade:
Tzofeh: Looking Beyond: Conflict Resolution & Peace Building (Senior Seminar)

Field Trip: Visit a college and a special senior evening


ART: Each week the students will paint, sculpt, and collage to illustrate stories of different Jewish themes. At the completion of the class we will photograph our projects and submit a book proposal to the PJ Library.

DRAMA: Our drama class will break down the fundamentals of improv, make use of Jewish concepts and values to guide our improv practice and explore how improv skills can be applied in everyday life.  

KRAV MAGA: In this class, we will develop self-defense skills through the practice of Krav Maga, as well as use the philosophy of this martial art to frame a discussion about the Israel Defense Forces and our Jewish right to defend ourselves.

Please contact Rabbi Earne at [email protected] or call (858) 481-8454 for more information about the Sabra program.