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Gardening & Nutrition

Beth Am Preschool’s Gardening and Nutrition Program weaves ecological and tikkun olam concepts into the various themes and topics that are taught throughout the preschool year.

Weekly Lessons in the Beth Am Garden

The 3-, 4- and 5-year-old classes participate in weekly small group lessons with a master gardener in our outdoor classroom. Lessons will integrate hands-on gardening experiences including the cultivation of a large assortment of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Through these activities, our students gain an understanding of where our foods originate and how important they are for our health. Additionally, students prepare and eat a variety of healthy foods that may be incorporated into their daily diet.

Garden Day – An Educational Extension for Students

Garden Day is a special full-day program for students in the 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-year-old classes. The program features a station format, enabling the students to experience their garden through various media, learning centers, and hands-on experiences.

Bi-Monthly Garden Snacks

As part of our whole-school health and nutrition program, a committee of parents assembles twice each month to prepare garden-inspired morning snacks for all preschoolers.

Tzedakah and Tikkun Olam Component

To honor our community at large, during harvest seasons, students prepare baskets of fruits and vegetables or bouquets of flowers to deliver to the neighborhood fire station.

Parent Education Component

Preschool parents are invited to participate in a morning or evening class that will support the children’s curriculum. They will learn about encouraging healthy habits and enjoy cooking lessons from a member of the raw food movement.


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