Havurot.  Extend your family.

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Join a Havurah to meet others like you and see your friendships grow over time.

What is a Havurah?
A Havurah is a group of 10-12 couples or families, or up to 20 individuals who gather monthly to celebrate Jewish life in an “extended family setting”. The Havurah experience is ideal for those who seek a smaller scale Jewish community and are willing to give of themselves to build this unique communal bond. Havurah groups connect you with others who are also single, married, have families with young or teenage children, or are empty nesters.

What is the advantage of a Havurah?
Getting to know people in a larger congregation can be intimidating for some. A Havurah helps you become acquainted with others who are in your age range, life stage, live near you, and have similar interests. Some of Beth Am’s Havurot have been together for many years.

What kinds of activities does a Havurah do?
Each Havurah determines its own programs based on its own needs. One Havurah might enjoy a Shabbat dinner, have a Hanukkah party, or build a Sukkah, while another goes camping or on a retreat. One group may invite a speaker to address questions on a chosen topic while another may plan a special Mitzvah Project. Whatever you and your fellow haverim (friends) decide to be, that’s what you can do.

How do I join a Havurah?
When you join the Synagogue, you will receive a Havurah form. Anyone interested is “matched up” with others who have similar interests and needs. When there is a sufficient number of people, we will contact you with a time to meet your group members. 
For questions, please contact havurah@betham.com or call (858) 481-8454.