Learning.  Lifelong education for all generations.

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Beth Am offers a broad range of educational programs, rich in Jewish values, culture and traditions. Come learn with us.

The tradition of Jewish education goes back to biblical times and the value of education is strongly embedded in Jewish culture. At Beth Am, we embrace lifelong learning by offering formal and informal education programs for all ages.

Early Childhood Center

Our formal education begins with our highly regarded Early Childhood Center (newborn – 5 years), offering a play-based early childhood curriculum rich in Jewish values, culture and traditions.

Jewish Learning Center

Beth Am’s Jewish Learning Center (kindergarten – 6th grade) is a nationally recognized United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism “Framework for Excellence” school. JLC teaches the history, customs and traditions of the Jewish people, as well as Hebrew reading, writing and prayer, in a creative and enjoyable manner.

B’nai Mitzvah Program

As girls reach the age of twelve and boys the age of thirteen, Beth Am’s B’nai Mitzvah Program will prepare students, step by step, so they are ready and confident to step into the beginning of adulthood on their special day. In addition to one-on-one tutoring, the B’nai Mitvah Program includes Tafrit TNT — monthly family education sessions on topics of special relevance for teens — as well as a structured Mitzvah Program to practice the value of tikkun olam (“healing the world”).

Teen Education

For our teenagers, Beth Am offers a range of innovative programs geared to educate, inspire and strengthen our youth. For students in 7th – 12th grade, Beth Am offers Sabra, a unique, interactive instruction program that engages and empowers post B’nai Mitzvah students to strengthen their Jewish identity and core values. In addition, we offer Hebrew for Credit (H4C), an accredited Foreign Language Program allowing 8th – 12th grade students to earn high school credit while gaining advanced Hebrew language skills. 

Center for Lifelong Jewish Learning

True to our commitment to never-ending education, the Center for Lifelong Jewish Learning, sponsored by the Mizel Family Foundation, offers adult education programs spanning a wide range of traditional, cultural and contemporary topics in a variety of formats.

We look forward to learning together and from one another.