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March 17th, 2017
Adar 19, 5777

Mah Hadash?  What's New?  A note from your Sabra Coordinator

Dear friends,

We are off to a wild and fun second semester.  We have had a rain delay, we are having an artist in residence, we have a lock down drill, and when we have small moment, we do  some Jewish learning and socializing too.  I wanted to thank everyone for their patience and affirm that while it is a  unique semester, it is part of our plan for this year.

Our committee is very appreciative of the flexibility and patience of our students.  As a sign our appreciation for our students, we plan on having an ice cream truck visit Sabra on April 3rd!   
What an amazing day at Sabra that we just had last Monday.  So wonderful to see all of the new teachers!  We have lots of things happening.

Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Earne

  1. 7th Grade Israel will be working on our Beit Am project during the first hour.
  2. 8th Grade will be working with on our Beit Am project during the second hour.
  4. Please note we on March 20th, we will be having our lock down and evacuate drill during Sabra hours.  It will only be for a brief part of classes.
  5. Get your seats now!!! The 10th Grade confirmation ceremony is Friday May 5th!
  6. May 1st our SPA members will be visiting our classrooms to hear about your experience.  WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!  Our goal is to make the most incredible program for you that will cause you to want to be here!  The only way we can do that is by hearing what you want to see continue and what you want to see improved.
  7. Next week our 11th Grade is off with me to Washington, DC for Policy Conference.  I won't be here next Monday but Samantha and Cheri will be overseeing the day.
  8. For the second semester we will be working with our synagogue artist in residence, Ilanit Shalev.  She will be guiding our community in the creation of a glass art piece that will hang in our new building.  The theme of the synagogue art project is "Am" or people.  We as a synagogue are exploring the different "ams" and applying it to how we see ourselves as a people at Beth Am.  Sabra students will be exploring "Am Yisrael."  All of our classes will have one meeting with our Education Director Cheri Elowitz where she will introduce the Am of the class and a second with Ilanit who will work with the students in creating a piece of glass work that will go in our Beit Midrash.  Below are the upcoming days and classes.  We will update two weeks in advance.

7th Grade Israel
a.  March 13
b.  March 20

7th Grade Holocaust
a.  March 27
b.  April 3rd

8th Grade
a. March 13
b. March 20

9th Grade
a. March 27
b. April 3

What's for Dinner?
March 20th, 2017:  We are having hot dogs, salad, fruit, dessert, water and lemonade.  Veggie option:  Veggie Burgers.

March 27th, 2017:   Chicken Teryaki, salad, fruit, dessert, water and lemonade.  Veggie option:  Veggie Burgers.