Welcome to the family. Beth Am is a Conservative congregation in the heart of North County, San Diego where we  come together to celebrate our traditions, learn, worship, and embrace Tikkun Olam. We welcome you home.

Learn and growBeth Am is known for its preschool. Joyful, fun and nurturing, the teachers take our children on a journey of learning and sharing. Learn more.
Youth, our futureFrom kindergarten through high school, our award-winning youth program inspires new leadersLearn more.
Joining togetherEngaging programs stimulate our thinking and are just plain fun. Check out what makes Beth Am so special. Learn more.
Bringing Torah to lifeWe come together to cherish the traditions we pass from generation to generation. Learn more.


Fundraising for Beth Am

​Ralphs Community Rewards Program 

If you shop at Ralphs grocery store you could (and should) be earning free money for our Jewish Learning Center.