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CBA Talks

CBA Talks BannerOur members are quite extraordinary!  Come and hear the experience they have to offer.  CBA Talks is a series of conversations with CBA members who have done, or are doing, some fascinating things.


Upcoming CBA Talks

CBA Talks with Elliot Nahmias, AIPAC Insider Briefing on Sunday, January 21, 2024 at 9:30 am

AIPAC Insider Briefing

with Elliott Nahmias

Sunday, January 21st | 9:300 am

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At a time when Israel finds itself fighting a war on seven fronts, support from her most important ally is more critical than ever. Come hear how the United States, through the Congress and the Administration, is helping Israel achieve her objectives via diplomatic, legislative, and military assistance. Read more...

Past Talks

CBA Talks with Sara Brown, The Light In Times of Darkness on Sunday, December 10th


CBA Talks with Claire Gelfman


CBA Talks with John Culley: Strangers in the Land


CBA Talks with Darren Sigal, Send in the Troops (T-Cell)


CBA Talks with Juliet Grossman, Help The Stranger


CBA Talks: Introduction to Theological Islam with Brooks Herman


CBA Talks: The Rapidly Evolving Global Food Industry, with Lou Cooperhouse


CBA Talks: A Trip of A Lifetime with Sabrina Kerbel and Patrice Gold


CBA Talks: Cyber Security with Abe Sherman


CBA Talks: A Conversation About Cannabis; Facts, Opinions & Myths with Brian Davis


CBA Talks: San Diego's Changing Climate and Its Impacts with Julie Kalansky, PhD


CBA Talks: Sleep! What is it Good For? with Milt Erman, MD


CBA Talks: Travels with the Nepal Nomads Clinic with Michael Lobatz, MD


CBA Talks: Organ Donations & The Jewish Perspective with Eric Finkelstein and David Kornberg


CBA Talks: Drug Court with Judge Harry Powazek


Sat, February 24 2024 15 Adar I 5784