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Sabra’s mission is to create an atmosphere in which students can strengthen their Jewish identity. To fulfill this mission, the Sabra program engages our pre/post B’nai Mitzvah (7-12th Grades) in active Jewish learning and empowers the students to apply the skills and values they gain from the classroom within their community.

Our teens recognize that being Jewish is more than just following rituals and traditions. Each Monday night, Sabra students gather together to understand, embrace, and become more connected to Judaism. In a fun and friendly environment, students gain knowledge and insight through classroom activities, including active learning projects, social bonding activities, and inspiring guest speakers.

The curriculum of Beth Am’s Sabra program includes a rich variety of classes, including a set of core courses offered according to a student’s grade level as well as fun elective workshops. For San Diego Jewish Academy students, Sabra classes earn Academic Honors credits.

The Sabra program is named after a variety of cactus that grows in Israel and produces a fruit that has a thick, tough skin, but a sweet, nourishing interior. Our program prepares our teens to be like the sabra fruit, growing with strength and perseverance in times of change.

The Israel Advocacy class is enlightening and provided me with information regarding the importance of advocacy in today's society. The class also taught me what it means to advocate for something, and how I can become involved locally. ~ Nicole Golden (Sabra Graduate)

One of my favorite things about Sabra is hanging out with my friend because I don't go to their school, I get to hang out with them once a week for 2 hours. I also like that the students are given a chance to pick which elective they want to participate in. I also like the art elective because everyone takes what we are supposed to do and make it their own. ~ Mia Michaels

Please contact Rabbi Earne at or call (858) 481-8454 for more information about Sabra.



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