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October 2018
Tishrei 5779

Dear Students and Parents:

It is a great honor to welcome you to our Sabra program!  In the beginning of our Torah, a medieval commentator asks a good question.  He wonders, “If the Torah is our book of law and instruction, why do we begin with a story of creation?”  The answer he gives is as follows:  Should they ask us, “‘From where do we provide merit, of being a part of the Jewish people?’  We should share the beginnings of the Torah.”  His message is very strong – we derive our purpose, and we find our mission when we know our story.  At Sabra, we devote ourselves to both helping our students learn our story and also experiencing it.  Through our diverse activities and creative faculty, we want all of our students to feel that shared connection so we can move forward in the adult world as proud and confident Jewish individuals.  To help achieve this, here are a few comments we have heard from you and how we are responding:

  • We will be working with the Jewish Teen Initiative for a new program linking our 
    8th Grade students to social service with a Social Action course
  • Our 11th Grade Israel Advocacy, AIPAC and Ambassadorship course is returning!  For the past three years, our 11th Graders had an incredible experience throughout the year, especially on their trip to the AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington, DC.  Once again, we have secured funding to send teens to the AIPAC Policy Conference with Rabbi Kornberg and our Youth Director, Allie Donahoo.
  • Our amazing caterer, Batya BenPorat, is back with her delicious food for dinner!

We hope that while being at Sabra, students will take advantage of every class and opportunity to have discussion with their teachers about the various topics presented.  We have an outstanding faculty that strives to provide stimulating experiences and a deepening of Jewish knowledge, which will enrich students’ Jewish identities.  This year, we hope to reach new heights with our programs.

We look forward to learning with you throughout your time at Sabra!


Rabbi Matthew Earne

Sabra Parent Association Co-Committee Chairs: Anita Griffith and Claire Gelfman

SPA Committee: Melissa Davis, Stephanie Lucero, Jeremy Pearl, Kimberly Reckles, Sharon Sinder

Sat, August 8 2020 18 Av 5780