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Sabra Core Classes

7th Grade: Shorashim
Building our Foundation (Holocaust/Israel)
Field Trip: Holocaust Museum L.A. 

8th Grade: Manhigoot
Empowering from Within (Leadership/Madrikhim Training and viewing relationships between ourselves, each other and God)
Field Trip: Mitzvah Bus Ride

9th Grade: Beenah
Understanding the Other (Jewish and civil consequences to how we treat each other/Comparative Religions)
Field Trip: MItzvah Bus Ride

10th Grade: Etgar
Viewing the modern world with a Jewish lens
Field Trip: Friday night dinners and UCSD Hillel

11th Grade: Taglit 
Israel, Advoacy, and Ambassador Program (Israel Advocacy)
Field Trip: CBA Sabra Teen Israel Trip

12th Grade: Tzofeh
Looking Beyond: Getting ready for college and beyond
Field Trip:CBA Sabra Teen Israel Trip 


Sabra Classes Information

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Sabra Electives


Babysitting 1st Aid


Basketball League


Israel Project

Krav Maga

Fri, March 24 2023 2 Nisan 5783