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Early Childhood Center Nursery

  • A low teacher-to-student ratio of 3:9 in our younger nursery class, and 3:10 in our older class.
  • A safe indoor and outdoor environment, mirroring the warmth of your home. 
  • The classrooms and playground are outfitted with specific equipment that promotes healthy development and encourages young explorers.
  •  A trusted, experienced and loving teaching staff, specializing in infant/toddler education, will hold, cuddle, and feed each child.
  • A variety of age-appropriate activities, including: story time, art, music and play exploration. 
  • All types of music, including Judaic music is played throughout each day. Music unlocks the creative spirit and strengthens the mind (The Mozart Effect).
  • Each infant has his/her own crib, sheets and a designated refrigerated food storage area.
  • Toys are disinfected daily.
  • Daily written communication with parents regarding feedings, napping and diaper changes.
  • Closed Instagram groups for parents to enjoy a sneak peek into their child’s school day.
Tue, January 25 2022 23 Shevat 5782