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Early Childhood Center Nursery

  • A low teacher-to-student ratio of 3:9 in our younger nursery class, and 3:10 in our older class.
  • A safe indoor and outdoor environment, mirroring the warmth of your home. 
  • The classrooms and playground are outfitted with specific equipment that promotes healthy development and encourages young explorers.
  •  A trusted, experienced and loving teaching staff, specializing in infant/toddler education, will hold, cuddle, and feed each child.
  • A variety of age-appropriate activities, including: story time, art, music and play exploration. 
  • All types of music, including Judaic music is played throughout each day. Music unlocks the creative spirit and strengthens the mind (The Mozart Effect).
  • Each infant has his/her own crib, sheets and a designated refrigerated food storage area.
  • Toys are disinfected daily.
  • Daily written communication with parents regarding feedings, napping and diaper changes.
  • Closed Instagram groups for parents to enjoy a sneak peek into their child’s school day.

What Our Parents Have To Say

"I cannot imagine a better experience than having my baby/toddler in the Nursery. 

Because the teachers are so caring, nurturing, and educated in infant development, they were able to create a stimulating and loving environment that was optimal for the physical and emotional growth of our son. Given the wonderful environment of the Nursery, we truly came to think of it as a second home for our son. 

As first time parents, the teachers’ knowledge regarding infant development was also immensely helpful to us. They always took the time to help and educate us so that we could grow as parents. With their help, we were able to create a seamless and consistent learning environment between our home and the Nursery.  Our baby will begin the Nursery in two months."


"As first time parents we were apprehensive.  Would our son be happy?  Healthy? Loved?  Quickly, these “strangers” became an extension of our family.  The Nursery teachers raised our child as if he was their own. Our child was truly loved.  Our son thrived in the Nursery at Beth Am.  The teachers planted and nurtured the seeds that have helped him blossom in to the incredible little boy he is today.  We are forever indebted to these amazing individuals!  We look forward to our new baby joining the Nursery."


"Sending our son to The Nursery at Beth Am was the best decision for our family.  As two working parents, we knew that our child was well loved and cared for by the teachers.  The school made an effort to connect the Nursery families to one-another during the year.  We are thrilled that our son will grow up at Beth Am ECC!"                     


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