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CBA Hametz Sale 5781

Those persons who wish to sell their Hametz, please fill out the form which authorizes the Rabbi Kornberg to act on your behalf. The authorization empowers the Rabbi Kornberg to sell the Hametz they own, and the place where it is stored, at terms that Rabbi Kornberg  sees fit. Rabbi Kornberg keeps the authorization and sells the hametz to a non-Jew by means of a “shetar mikheera (a formal bill of sale),” which contains all of the terms of the sale. At the conclusion of Passover, one buys it back.While this transaction is not intended to be a real sale, nevertheless, since all the formal requirements of a legal sale have been met, it satisfies the requirement of the law forbidding the possession of leaven during Passover.

This form must be signed and returned to Rabbi Kornberg by March 26, 2021.

In case Rabbi Kornberg needs to contact you.
You must provide the physical address where the Hametz included in this sale is located. This contract is invalid without this information.

I, the undersigned, fully empower and permit Rabbi David Kornberg to act in my place and stead, and in my place to sell all hametz possessed by me as defined by Torah and Rabbinic law. Rabbi Kornberg is also empowered and permitted to lease all places wherein the hametz owned by me may be found.

Rabbi Kornberg has the full right to sell and lease by transactions, as he deems fit and proper, for such time which he believes necessary.

Also do I hereby give the said Rabbi Kornberg full power and authority to appoint a substitute in his stead with full power to sell and lease as provided herein. The above given power is in conformity with all Torah and Rabbinical laws and regulations, and also in accordance with the laws of the State of Connecticut and of the United States.

This box must be checked in order to execute this contract.

By entering my printed name I acknowledge that electronic signatures have the same legal effect as ink signatures.

There is no charge for the service of acting as your agent for the Sale of Hametz, however, all donations collected with this form are put into Rabbi Kornberg's Discretionary Fund and used to provide help to those in need. Your generosity is greatly appreciated, and any amount is welcome.
Thu, October 1 2020 13 Tishrei 5781