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JLC Supplemental Programs

In addition to our JLC program we also offer our supplemental programs.


The iJLC program is designed for committed JLC students who have conflicting schedules but want  to receive a congruent education to that of all other students in their JLC class. Students must attend one regular JLC class per week (either the weekday or Sunday session) and attend iJLC in place of the other weekly class not attended. 


Hebrew Enrichment Program

The class will be led in Hebrew 99% of the time,  and students will be encouraged to speak as much as possible. The vocabulary learned in the  class will focus on the children’s everyday life experiences (self and family, home, food, colors,  clothing, weather, etc.). Learning is based on repetition, with each new lesson adding to the  previous ones.  


This class will not replace the Jewish Learning Center’s curriculum but will serve as  a great supplement, highlighting Hebrew conversational skills. This Hebrew Immersion Syllabus is a general  guide and may be changed according to the students’ interests and strengths.

Mon, June 5 2023 16 Sivan 5783